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The Information Technologies Institute (ITI) was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organisation under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of Greece, with its head office located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 2000 it is a founding member of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) also supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT). CERTH/ITI is one of the leading Institutions of Greece in the fields of Informatics, Telematics and Telecommunications, with long experience in numerous European and national R&D projects. CERTH/ITI has participated in more than 60 research projects funded by the European Commission and more than 85 research projects funded by Greek National Research Programmes and Consulting Subcontracts with the Private Sector (I&T Industry).

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BiB (Business Innovation Brokers S. Coop.) is a private non-profit research and consultancy cooperative devoted to develop and apply innovation related methodologies and to identify strategic innovation projects in their first steps of development and take them into the market. BiB was setup in 2008 by a highly experienced group of professionals with great experience in business management, Entrepreneurship and New Business Development.

Main activity of BIB is to promote corporative and social innovation, developing sound research and test projects about advanced management theories, techniques and new organisational forms to foster innovation in firms, public corporations and society in general. BIB is oriented to the applicability of the research, based on a holistic conception of the innovation process, covering all the phases from the ideas generation till the start-up of new business.

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Vitoria-Gasteiz has been appointed European Green Capital 2012. A triumph that has taken over three decades of environmental policies developed over the years and the commitment of a citizenry that has become an example for the entire European Community in relation to recycling, mobility or water consumption. We have been closely working in external action ( cooperation with European cities) bur also its our aim to promote environmental education, training and research, at the same time as promoting the development of new lines of work.

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Computer Technology Institute & Press "Diophantus" (CTI)


The Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus” (CTI) is one of the major R&D institutes in Greece, employing more than 250 experienced & specialised scientists, engineers, PhD students, and supporting staff. In the last 5 years CTI has successfully undertaken more than 125 R&D projects 92 of which were funded by the EC, and in 15 of which acted as coordinator. It has exhibited substantial research activity in areas such as algorithms, complexity and optimisation, wired, wireless and sensor networks, computer and network security, ubiquitous and distributed computing, complex information systems, embedded systems, integration and sustainable development for smart cities.

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Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)


The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) was founded by a merger of Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe and Universität Karlsruhe. The basis was the KIT Merger Act that was adopted unanimously by the Baden-Württemberg state parliament in July 2009. KIT bundles the missions of both precursory institutions: A university of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg with teaching and research tasks and a large-scale research institution of the Helmholtz Association conducting program-oriented provident research on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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Universidad de Deusto (UD)

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The University of Deusto is a private and fully recognized university with 997 members of staff and more than 12,000 students. As a result of the large interest on research a Research Foundation has been created a few years ago called DeustoTech that consists of 7 Units. The Energy and Internet Units of DeustoTech Foundation are the ones of research units with wider scope of DeustoTech – Deusto Institute of Technology, affiliated to the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto. The Energy Unit was born as a response to the present and future needs of companies in the energy sector, in order to lead the R&D effort and to bring progress to the society, companies and protect the environment.

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South West College (SWC)


South West College currently occupies a unique position as a driver for innovation in a range of specialist areas
including engineering, quarrying, sustainable development and renewable technologies, electric vehicles. It holds a strong track record of working with and supporting local business. This is achieved through delivery of projects which bring innovative technological and management solutions to industrial problems and assist the uptake of modern product design. A range of technical support services are offered to industry which continue to deliver best practice in current design and manufacturing technology.

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City of Pula – Pola (PULA)

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The City of Pula is a unit of local self-government in Croatia. City of Pula is located in Istria County and in the year 2011 had in total 59,286 inhabitants. Administrative bodies of the City of Pula are administrative departments and City services established for the performance of activities in the self-governing domain of the City. Currently, there are 7 administrative departments. The employees are well trained and involved in permanent education for generation and implementation of international projects.

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Going Green


Going Green was established in 2008 by the initiative of a group of executives with a large experience, especially in the energy industry. Their mission is to be the leader in Electric Mobility market for Companies and Governments. Their vision is to offer a global service in the field of Sustainable Mobility with the objective to contribute, in a profitable way, to develop the electric vehicle industry. Going Green has developed its own technology to support sharing services and to monitor and manage electric vehicles.

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MLS Multimedia (MLS)


MLS Multimedia SA (MLS) was established in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1995 aiming at the development of web technologies, telematics applications, multimedia software and software protection. MLS is the inventor of the MLS Laserlock software protection system and has been awarded the 1998 European Information Technology Grand Prize Winner. MLS has developed “MLS Destinator talk drive” that is the leading Navigation product in the Greek Market (60% market share). MLS talk&drive utilises speech recognition & synthesis as a primary interface for the user.

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Flexiant Limited (FLEX)

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Flexiant is the leading European provider of cloud orchestration software for on-demand, fully automated provisioning of cloud services. Flexiant’s software gives cloud service providers and enterprises business agility, freedom and flexibility to scale, deploy and configure services, simply and cost-effectively. Benefits include the ability for cloud service providers to keep pace and differentiate in a competitive market whilst creating new revenue streams. Flexiant provides users with a proven multi-hypervisor and vendor agnostic solution to meet fluctuating server capacity requirements on-demand. Able to provision cloud servers within seconds versus days, Flexiant’s end-to-end orchestration suite includes a fully integrated metering and billing engine enabling Service Providers to monetise their services, whilst ensuring internal service providers have full charge-back capability.

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